Israel 2017


Today was my first day back in Tel Aviv. Even though it’s been over half a year since I left NYU Tel Aviv and returned to New York, coming back feels like coming home. Along with my best friend Chris, I came back to Tel Aviv to create a documentary about the globalization of the concept … Continue reading 1.3.2017


Yesterday started out kind of dry tbh. Chris and I didn’t have much planned for the day. I knew I would be meeting with a couple friends I had made through Instagram (perfect way to find models in Tel Aviv), but no times or locations were really set in stone. My jet lag was really … Continue reading 1.4.17


These last couple of days have passed in a blur. Chris and I have done alot, but I’ve been bogged down by insecurities that come with being an outsider in a foreign country and worn out by non-stop jet lag. This trip has completely transformed my relationship with Tel Aviv, from feeling at home and … Continue reading 1.8.17


WHY DO WE STILL HAVE JET LAG? Jet lag has been way to characteristic of this trip, thus even though it’s only 9:35 pm in Tel Aviv right now, I’m going to sleep as soon as I’m done with this post and force myself awake to go on a run tomorrow. Anyways, as you can guess, we … Continue reading 1.9.17