Social Advertising Case Study — Būmu


Social Advertising Case Study

Būmu was an Izakaya-inspired restaurant helmed by acclaimed chef Joaquin Baca (David Chang’s first hire at Momofuku Noodle Bar). With the restaurant opening, our goal was to build buzz and bolster awareness about the opening in Downtown Manhattan and beyond.

In order to increase brand awareness and spur bookings and traffic to the restaurant, we approached Būmu’s first month of paid social with a two-fold test strategy. We ran two campaigns for 30 days at a $500 lifetime budget:

  • One retargeting campaign ($250) using the Būmu’s email list and new website’s pixel data to serve ads to people who already know about the brand 
  • One lookalike campaign ($250) that used Facebook’s algorithm to find potential customers based on the personas of those on the Būmu’s email list

Both campaigns included four engaging creatives based on their best performing posts and a link that led directly to the reservations (Resy) page on Būmu’s website, driving action and ensuring all visits would be tracked by the website pixel.

At the end of the 30 day campaign we saw:

Total Clicks: 1,169
(total number of times people clicked through to the reservations page)

Total Unique Clicks: 929
(total number of people who clicked through to the reservations page)

Cost Per Result: $0.43
(cost per click-through to lhe reservations page)

Reach: 17,672
(total number of people who saw the ad creatives)

Impressions: 40,413
(total number of times people saw the ad creatives)

Using unique creatives, strategic targeting and budget optimization we were able to significantly increase Būmu’s visibility in just 30 days, driving over 40,000 impressions and over 1,100 clicks to the reservations page.