Brand Collaboration Case Study — Grand Seoul x Makku

Grand Seoul x Makku

Brand Collaboration Case Study

Grand Seoul is a small, family-owned Korean BBQ restaurant in Chinatown NYC. The restaurant wanted to grow their reach on social media organically, tapping into new audiences likely to become customers. After some market research I found, Makku.

Makku is a Korean rice beer (makgeolli) company based in New York. As a newly established brand, Makku was also looking to present their product to new audiences likely to convert, specifically targeting people interested in Korean beverages.

In order to reach both target audiences in an authentic and organic way, I facilitated a cross-promotional Instagram story takeover and joint giveaway.

  • We used the story takeover to introduce the brands to each other’s audiences, highlighting their unique value props.
  • I created a multi-slide IG story asset for each partner that felt brand-aligned and seamless, fitting in with their standard social content.
  • The Instagram story showcased the delicious Korean BBQ experience at Grand Seoul is perfectly complemented by Makku’s rice beer; stories also highlighted Makku and the history of makgeolli.

After the Instagram story takeovers, we launched a joint giveaway to continue to raise brand awareness for both brands. Grand Seoul hosted the lucky winner and a guest for a free Korean BBQ experience at Grand Seoul with free Makku for the table.

At the end of the giveaway we reached out to each person who entered the giveaway, offering them an exclusive voucher for a free Makku with their purchase of $20 at Grand Seoul.

Through this full funnel campaign, we were able to tap into both fan bases to raise brand awareness, push new and old followers to the point of consideration, and then even further to conversions.

On social, there was a significant  increase in engagement for both accounts:

  • Grand Seoul:
    • Giveaway Post
      • Comments: 100
      • Likes: 76
      • Views: 138
  • Makku:
    • Giveaway Post
      • Comments: 96
      • Likes: 66
      • Views: 313

In addition to the two winners who dined at Grand Seoul, there were  10 new customers who dined at the restaurant and redeemed their voucher for a free Makku.