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Men’s Wearhous x The 88

During my time at The 88, one of my daily tasks was to retouch photos for Men’s Wearhouse’s Instagram page, in order for them to better fit the brands image.  Below are a few examples of the retouching.

TWIX Social Content Mock Ups

A series of animations and images I created as part of the interview process for the Twix Social Content Creator position. The pieces followed four specific themes which I picked out as guidelines for branding: 1. Twix at the center, 2. Culturally Relevant, 3. Minimalistic, 4. Fun.

13 Rogues

A collaboration with Alfie Friday, a NYC based photographer, 13 Rogues is an online visual diary that documents Alfie’s trip across America. Each entry is paired with astounding visuals and the overall mission is paired with Dear KingTeacher prints to help support the fund. Merchandise coming soon as well.


CHANGE is an online clothing exchange startup that I did the branding, logo, and VPM design for. The creators of the startup wanted to create a model for proposing to startup think tanks with. I made the branding minimalistic and simple, yet fun and inviting, so people would be able to personalize their “online closets” with … Continue reading CHANGE


Xhibition is an international creative agency based in Tel Aviv, Israel. I interned with them during my Junior year abroad as a graphic design intern. After returning to New York, I continued to do some freelance work for them. My work for them mainly consisted of designing case studies and press kits outlining their work, … Continue reading XHIBITION


As the co-creative lead for The New York University chapter of The BLØCK, the Hillsong Church NYC College group, I am in charge of creating creating creative assets to support our club status application as well to attract new people. Below are different graphics I created from Instagram posts, to postcards, to calendars that highlight our … Continue reading The BLØCK x NYU


A series of graphics I created while interning at XHIBITION, for the internationally acclaimed documentary “ORIENTED.”  

MID: House of Diamonds

I created this rebranding proposal for MID Diamonds while interning at XHIBITION, a creative agency in Tel Aviv, Israel. The diamond company wanted to update their look to a more modern aesthetic, which my internship boss wanted to base the branding on a modern take of the shape of a diamond, using minimal colors and … Continue reading MID: House of Diamonds

Nora Gardner NYC

I interned at Nora Gardner, a business fashion brand in New York City, over the summer or 2016 as a creative content production intern. Bellow are a sample of graphics I created while interning with Nora including, Instagram posts, event invites, website splash pages, and newsletters.


The print media material I have created while working at the New York University Center for Culture and Media.      

The Brown Hotel TLV

I created this series of infographics on behalf of the BROWN Hotel while interning with XHIBITION, to advertise their collaborative pop-up shop series during the Spring of 2016. The first graphic was created for Facebook specifically to minimize text in order to be boosted. The second graphic is a template they could use every season to update the … Continue reading The Brown Hotel TLV


The Graphics that I created for NYU Tel Aviv during my Junior Year abroad. (2015-2016)

BOND/ Influence and Strategy

I interned with BOND/ Influence and Strategy, a movie distribution company, during the Summer of 2016. As their graphic design intern, I created digital media assets to advertise their movies, such as Instagram posts for places doing viewings to post and sliders for websites. I also built and edited movie websites. Below is a sample of … Continue reading BOND/ Influence and Strategy